Helping Christian Women Stop the Overeating-Dieting Cycle
in 4 Helpful and Effective Steps!

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Eat, Enjoy, & Be Healthy

Without Diets

In this guide, Eat, Enjoy, & Be Healthy Without Diets, Cheryl Szarko RDN reveals the four steps used to go from the repeated overeating-and-dieting pattern to a healthful way of eating that doesn't control you...all without using any unnatural diet plans!

Follow these steps and start your journey to freedom from the overeating-dieting cycle!

What You Will Learn in This Guide...

You will find 4 important concepts and help to deal with the underlying reasons you are stuck in the diet-overeating cycle.

This guide will help you begin learning how to eat in a natural and truly satisfying way.

Most importantly, you'll find the proper spiritual perspective, which is essential for true & lasting change.

Meet Cheryl

Hello! I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
and Biblical Counselor with the ACBC.

I help Christian women
whose lifelong desire for weight loss and a thinner body
has consumed their minds and emotions
to finally find peace with food and their bodies and
enjoy true lifetime health for body, soul, and spirit through the Satisfied! online program, the Healthy Body Healthy Soul Fellowship, and other offerings.

My passion is to combine my love of health and nutrition science with biblical counseling and personalized Scripture application. I believe that it is only by addressing the deeper heart, mind, and spiritual issues that true freedom from the bondage of weight cycling, body image shame, emotional eating, and chronic dieting can be dealt with in an effective, lasting way.

"Cheryl is an outstanding counselor who listens with empathy and genuine compassion. She has the right blend of personal and professional experience that allows her to create content that humanizes healthcare."

Sherri L.

"Cheryl is highly educated in both nutrition and biblical counseling studies but it’s her combination of that, her own experiences, and her heart and her passion for this that makes her the best in this field! … Her kindness and sensitivity provide a safe environment to share freely without judgment. After just 2 sessions I can feel my mindset shifting, this is so much more than I anticipated!"

Dina M.

"Cheryl is also a gifted communicator and counselor. Her empathy and self-awareness make her very effective as she walks alongside clients in their health journeys. She is knowledgeable and passionate about helping others rediscover a healthy relationship with food and their body. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Kerri H.

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