Attention, Christian lady! You have struggled with diets and your body shame long enough...

You can be free from despair over your eating, weight, and body size.

Imagine living at peace with your body and eating without guilt or shame.

Now imagine this new way of living brings health to your body as well as your soul.

And imagine this journey also strengthens your faith in Jesus and helps your Christian growth.

This can be your new reality!

I know what it is like to be consumed by a
desire to lose weight, to wish my body size
and shape were different, and to spend
an enormous amount of focus, time, and 
energy on following the next restrictive diet…
because I really didn’t know what else to do!

I know the hopelessness that occurs after
regaining the weight lost…multiple times.
I know how it feels to be stuck - to know I
needed help but not know which way to
turn anymore.

I know the frustration of thinking these issues
would never change.

I also know the feeling that my preoccupations
and my faith did not match up.

I needed to be free from this diet cycle, body
shame, uncertainty with food rules, and all
that came with it.

And maybe you feel this way, too.

That's why I'm happy to share that I have developed a solution to help women like you! 


The Faith-Based Approach to Food & Body Peace

I created the Satisfied program to help walk you through the issues of constant dieting and weight-cycling, feeling embarrassed by your body, being out of control around food, living by restrictive eating rules, and so much more!

In this 12-week program, you will have a combination of online Q&A sessions with me and online lessons and activities to do as they fit your schedule. I will walk you through your own freedom journey step-by-step.

Each week, you experience deep change and find the help you need to overcome the life-dominating problems of disordered eating, enslaving food and body image thoughts, confusion about nutrition issues, feeling helpless and hopeless, and the hidden shame these experiences bring!

You will have plenty of support from other like-minded Christian women who are taking this journey with you in our private community. You will find your mindset changing, your health behaviors improving, your enjoyment of eating returning, and contentment with your body that you thought could not happen.

Most importantly, you will find this grows you in your walk with Christ! This program is Gospel-saturated all the way through.

Let's look at what each week covers:

Week 1 - Empowered for your journey to freedom
Week 2 - Better than diets
Week 3 - How we make lasting change
Week 4 - Eat by design and enjoyment
Week 5 - Find underlying causes of binge eating
Week 6 - How to stop emotional eating

Week 7 - Focused on success - Implementation week
Week 8 - Identify roots of problems & find healing
Week 9 - Nutrition truths for freedom & health
Week 10 -Your healthiest body and weight
Week 11 - Recovery from body comparison and shame
Week 12 - Your healthy spirit, soul, and body lifestyle

Why is this step-by-step program a BETTER solution than ANY other program out there for Christian women?

You will greatly benefit from the science and research-based nutrition information, but most importantly, you will find the faithful application of our true authority, Scripture.

This is a program saturated with the Gospel, dealing with sin and repentance, and dependent upon the grace of God, which He so richly supplies to His children.

This is a program carefully crafted by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Biblical Counselor specifically for Christian women who are serious about following Christ in all areas of their lives and being freed from the bondage of food, diet, and body image struggles.

Hey, I'm Cheryl!

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
and Certified Biblical Counselor with the ACBC.

I help Christian women
whose lifelong desire for weight loss and a thinner body
has consumed their minds and emotions
to finally find peace with food and their bodies and
enjoy true lifetime health for body, soul, and spirit through the Satisfied! online program.

My passion is to combine my love of health and nutrition science with biblical counseling and personalized Scripture application. I believe that it is only by addressing the deeper heart, mind, and spiritual issues that true freedom from the bondage of weight cycling, body image shame, emotional eating, and chronic dieting can be dealt with in an effective, lasting way.

Here is the lifechanging impact you can expect from this program:

1.   Feel confident giving up diets for a far better way to find sustainable health

2.  Be empowered by the Gospel for true and lasting change and freedom from these issues

3.  Discover and deal with the underlying issues keeping you stuck in the diet/weight shame cycle

4.  Take back control over your food, health, and weight

5.  Learn to enjoy food and eating with full satisfaction and no deprivation

6.  Prepare for and protect yourself from binge eating, cravings, and emotional eating

7.  Win the battle against body shame and feel comfortablewith your body

8.  Learn the nutrition truths so you can make nutritious choices and discern truth from falsehood

9.  Develop enjoyable lifestyle habits that can bring you lasting health for the long term

10. Understand what a healthy weight is and how to achieve and maintain yours

You can find and maintain your healthiest weight for the long term without diets, cravings, or food preoccupations.

Even more importantly, you can grow in your spiritual health above all!

"I would encourage anyone struggling with diet and weight issues, to take this course. It changed my mental approach to eating and body appearance completely."
-Mary Ann, Kenya
"I have always struggled with weight...This program is unlike anything else out there, and brings truth to the freedom we have in Christ, the majesty of God's design and provision, laying an amazing foundation for how we can honor the Lord in this area of our lives without shame."
Laura, FL
"The structure, support, and community involved in this program really sets you up to succeed...a lot of things I never rightly applied to this aspect of my life. Such a wonderful experience."
Amanda, RI

Want to make sure this program is the perfect fit for you? You can schedule a FREE call to talk with Cheryl and ask your questions! Apply for the free call here.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is designed to be completed in 12 weeks, but it is understandable that life happens and an additional week or two can be requested. You are strongly encouraged to go through the program in 12 consecutive weeks to develop new habits and keep the momentum going.

However, you will have access to the course materials and any new resources added for a FULL YEAR!

You can go through the entire program's resources, videos, lessons, and activities multiple times throughout the year, but will only have access to the community group and Q&A sessions for the 12 weeks (or an extra 1-2 weeks if requested and approved). This is beneficial because the full life change you want is a process that will take time, and returning to the materials throughout the year will help solidify your progress.

All participants will have the ability to join a membership with an ongoing community group, monthly Q&A sessions, support and accountability, and easy-to-follow steps to continue their journey of freedom and whole-person health. This offer will explained at the end the program and carries a small monthly cost.

Since you have access to the course materials for a full year from the date of purchase, this membership will provide highly valuable additional support.

It is important to me that you are a very satisfied customer, but also that you find the transformation that requires the full 12 weeks. A week or two of skimming course materials is not giving the program a chance to help you.

Therefore, if you work through the first 30 days (4 modules) of the program, put in the work, are involved in the community group, have attempted to get your questions answered there, and at the Q&A sessions and still believe you have not benefitted from the program, I am happy to provide a full refund.

Here is the process:

1. Send an email to letting me know that you have fully participated for the first 4 weeks/modules but that you are requesting a refund and a full explanation of why. I will review the work you have done and whether you tried to get help.

2. I will work with you personally to overcome your boundaries and help you progress where you have struggled in these modules.

3. If you have made a good effort with coursework assignments and have asked questions in the community group and Q&A sessions and are still unsatisfied, you will receive a 100% money back refund. The refund must be requested before completing module 5. Your access to the course, materials, community group, and sessions will be terminated when you cancel.